Old Blue Ribbon Farm is an elegant estate located in Eminence, Kentucky, with a history dating back to 1835 when the original farmhouse was built. Now restored, the historic farmhouse is a grand backdrop for any event. The estate also includes:

  • A large lake with a gazebo by the water’s edge
  • A spacious tobacco barn in excellent original condition—with ability for all the side panels to open
  • Beautiful photo opportunities at every turn: a tree-lined drive, boutique rose garden, stacked stone fence, panoramic views, and incredible sunsets
  • Accommodating staff with true Kentucky hospitality
  • Over 375 acres of beautiful farmland
  • Limitless options for weddings and receptions

Our farm's tranquility and rustic charm, combined with its easy access from Louisville and surrounding areas, make it the ideal location for an authentic Kentucky experience.  We hope to be the rural retreat for your upcoming event. We are happy to answer any questions and provide additional information.

Our weddings have been featured in Kentucky Bride Magazine, Louisville Bride Magazine, Weddings Unveiled, & Style BluePrint.