What locations are available for use during my event?

There are five main locations on our property: The Tobacco Barn, the Gazebo + Pond, the Farmhouse, the Front Lawn, and the Back Lawn. We also have two large fields available. 


How many people will the venue accommodate?

The Tobacco Barn can accommodate 200 guests. The Farmhouse can only accommodate 40 guests. The farm’s maximum capacity is about 275 guests.


What are the major items included in the rental?

Included in the rental are 200 white garden chairs, 200 cross-back vineyard chairs, 72" round tables for 200 people plus a variety of decor.


What should I know about parking?

The area for parking is one of our grass fields or the gravel drive behind the tobacco barn. 


How many bathrooms will be available during my event?

We provide two bathrooms inside a separate building close to the ceremony areas for guests to use.  


Are all areas handicapped accessible?

Not all areas are handicapped accessible, but we strive to be as accommodating as possible. Do not hesitate to ask us about special situations and circumstances.


What should my vendors know about your venue?

All vendors must be insured and be able to show proof of insurance. We only allow alcohol served by a bartender or caterer with a liquor license.


Do you have a required list of vendors?

Nope! You are free to use any vendors you would like as long as the caterer is certified with a liquor license and liability insurance. We do require a day-of coordinator, however there are no restrictions on who you use. We have a list of preferred coordinators if you would like help picking one out. 


Will any Old Blue Ribbon staff be at the venue on the day of my event?

Yes, OBR staff members will be on the premises to troubleshoot any issues with the venue and provide security for guests.


What is so special about a tobacco barn?

Our barn was used for growing tobacco for over 70 years before the buyout in the late 2000's. After tobacco is picked, it is set in the rafters of the barn to dry out before being sold. Every other two poplar boards, that make up the sides of the barn,  swing open to expose the tobacco to the air. That means our barn can open up to the outside, creating a more airy feel. Or, you can keep the sides closed for a more intimate setting. Our couples are not limited to just sitting inside a barn, instead they have a variety of ways to open up the barn to provide natural light, breeze, and expose their guests to the beautiful scenery that surrounds the farm. 


How do I pay for my booking?

We accept payment in the forms of cash, check, and PayPal.


Do you have a military discount?

Yes, we are proud to provide a discount for servicemen and women. Please provide proof of status when booking.


Are you pet friendly?

Yes! Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times.